Thursday, January 22, 2009

3.0.8, Day ewww

10m Naxx last night. Don't want to use it as a judge. And, I did well, top dps on nearly every fight. The issue is, the run sucked.

Sorry, you are NOT so bored and geared on your mains that 5 alts should be in a Naxx run, leading to trying to 2-heal with a Alt Alt Tank and a DK that's OTing in a DPS spec. And a 1200 dps mage.

Needless to say, Patches did not die.

And I get to bang my head against a wall with them more on Monday.

10m Naxx doesn't exactly give a great idea of the true dps capability of your dps. But, it did what it needed to. Gave me time to work on my rotation, getting used to the fact that it's not just 2 buttons. That said... I might macro it to 2 buttons. I'm missing shots, or delaying shots, or...

Trapdancing is SO foreign, I tried it on a boss or two, and it's just felt... wrong. And I really do need LnL proccing to show up in ginormous letters.

I might be too stupid to play this spec! =)

It was enjoyable though. 11k KS crits, W/O any pally buffs, are a wonder to behold. I might hit 15k fully buffed. And I will dorkgasm all over vent.

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