Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Further Thoughts

OK, been able to play with Surv for a bit now. Really, really liking it. Some of my early assumptions were, well... off. I think I had a bad run and overreacted.

I do that.

I played with a 1/18/52 build for a while, and was really getting the hang of it. I just respecced again, to 6/14/51. Our OS run was scrubbed. Non-standard raid night, people brought alts. People didn't CHECK alts for Raid IDs.

Dear Blizz,

Please do something about this damn Raid ID issue. It is entirely too easy to get saved to a run.

My Effing Emblems that I don't get

So, I ran some heroics. Ran into an interesting problem. I'd been running Aimed Shot in my rotation, the new build runs Multi. Moving is less of a joy in this build, since you have to stutter-step to fire off a Multi. Not sure if I'm a fan.

Tonight, Malygos goes down! Because he has to! We aren't running Naxx until he dies. And I need Emblems for new shoes!

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