Monday, January 19, 2009

Remua, Champion of the Frozen Wastes

That doesn't suck. Having a portion of your self-worth coming from a game probably isn't the healthiest thing in the world, but, y'know... still feels pretty damn good having that above your head. And, within 2 weeks of joining my new guild. Malygos25 is next, we've spent an inordinate amount of time on him. My feeling is that phase 2 is going too long.

Well, that and no one seems to be able to stack dots. And, on every boss fight, you need more DoTs!! Even I had issues with it, and I was got to 20+ 2 times on 10. But, no biggy. We switched gears and 2 shot OS+1. Apparently, we're only the 10th guild on server to do that (of course, the same would be true of Heroic Malygos, but another hour there would have led to insanity, and left OS loot on the table for the week, and that's no good.)

Epeen aside, I really wanted to talk about 3.0.8. You know what? I'm excited. This patch is going to seperate those hunters that know what the hell they are doing from those that like it because they can get to 80 without thinking, then spam trade for heroics and raids.

I've spent a lot of time on the spreadsheet. It's way more involved than it used to be. When there's only 1 spec that's worth talking about, a lot of variables are removed. Now, it's not only swapping specs, but you also have to edit shot rotations to find where your max dps is going to be. I was set on 53/18 BM, looking 'forward' to SS+AS spam for the rest of time. Then, I actually modified my shot rotation, and discovered that there's a Surv build thats several hundred dps better.

I'm not a numbers guy. Ok, I am. I just don't have the patience to lay everything out. But, I love this build. And, from what I understand, trapdancing cannot be modeled effectively on the spreadsheet, so this build leaves open the possibility that a skilled hunter can do MORE DPS than the spreadsheet shows (unless it is already modeling LnL procs every 30s, but even then there's the itty-bitty DPS from Explosive Trap (ok, let's see if I managed not to bork up the wowhead tagging) taht I can tell from the Shot Rotation Test that's not modeled.

At any rate, I'm excited. I also got my Valorous Gloves, and discovered I'm close to actually qualifying for EPGP priority, so I'm not just hoping for leftovers. I have to miss Naxx this week due to family obligations, which will cut way down on EP for the week, but... couple more guild firsts for me and I'm all set. That's exciting, as Black Ice becomes feasible! WTB 2H AGI enchant for surv, pst!

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