Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3.0.8, Day 1

Yay. Aspects are off the GCD, sorta. They still kind of act like it. It seemed to start the GCD, but didn't finish it, like a failed attempt at casting a spell, when you're silenced or some such.

I went Survival. Yay for not BM! I chose to forego a little dps (~20, according to the spreadsheet) in order to put 2 points in Hunting Party. My guild isn't truly progressing at this point, with only that bastard dragon on 25 left, and I'd rather have a little utility for 10s and Heroics and such. Ulduar, however... if we go for a true progression group, I will go to the Theoretical Max DPS build, which is 6/14/51 with no Hunting Party.

Also, I need to learn to trapdance. It's scary. It's so far outside of the norm, but I'm looking forward to trying it. Thaddius might be my first attempt. That's a SUPER easy boss to do it. You run through him anyway!

I did do a 25m Vault, we rushed so I didn't ensure I had Might. I kicked out 3500 DPS, good for #5 on the meter, and beating out the other hunter who has better gear specced 19/51 Surv. I lost to a HAT Rogue, TG Warrior, Mage, and Warlock, all of whom outgear me.

I'm OK with those results. I wish they were better, but I think that may actually be my best dps for that silly fight. I'm relying on my own anecdotal evidence, as I look at DPS meters, say 'Neat' then promptly forget it.

All in all, I'm excited. There is a lot to relearn. I now find myself watching CDs on shots, and I think a minor UI resign is in order to help me out. I need like 53898 point font telling me when LnL procs, rather than me mashing Expl Shot and thinking GO TO CD! Why won't you CD!?!

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