Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm not so good at this

The fun part is, this could mean anything! I really WANT to update this more, but as all the good bloggers suggest, I'm still trying to find my voice.

Which is hard, when you don't actually write. Oops. Details...

Also, I tend to try to write at work. Since my job isn't terribly taxing, I can get away with it. Some days it's hard to find time, or come up with anything to write about while I drive to work.

That isn't QQ about how people can't seem to dodge gigantic waves of lava.

OS3D attempts occurred. 2 hours worth. Ah, the life of a Hunter. 'Shadron is in the Raid, can I get an MD already? Why isn't he MDed?' /sigh. Could you kindly call out the healers that die to flame wave number 3 too?

I take responsibility for my screw-ups. I typically do so publicly. I'm not sane, I expect myself to be perfect. All the time. In part, it stems from the fact I levelled a hunter later in the BC cycle, so everything I read told me how hunters suck, they're a dime a dozen, and if you mess something up expect a cursing out, raid kick, /gkick, 3-day ban, and a guy named Fat Tony knocking at your door. Or something, I'm not looking for the link that spelled it out.

What happend? I place myself at the far end of the island, in the safe spot from waves coming from the left hand side, my back to those waves so I can easily see the far waves and move. I then move back to my original spot. Kinda EZ-modes the flame waves for the Drake portion at least.

Bonus feature? I have several of the Raider Ranged DPS following my lead on that now. Yay for not looking incompetant.

Anyway, when the drakes land there's a little lull between the landing and the time you can actually target them. I clicked on the drake, but it picked up Sarth, way behind him. It didn't move Sarth, but it's also didn't really get Shadron to go where I wanted, since bullets whizzing by his nose doesn't QUITE have the same effect. And I called myself out on it, made a quick macro of /tar Shad /cast Aimed Shot (lazy Hunter didn't respec out of the 1/18/52 build for HP after 10 man )S2D attempts, but that's down too!) and problem was solved.

Other mistakes? One funny, one not so much. The funny one? Don't MD pull with Explosive Shot. Stupid ticks. 1 quick FD and Sarth was back on the tank and my face was still attached.

The other I also took a heaping helping of poo for, and it was totally out of my control. I lead off the MD to the MT on that, and 1 pull I just got unlucky and got no crits. Couple that with a druid bear tank that seems to be ok with just WAITING for the boss to come rather than tossing a Faerie Fire, and someone ended up dead, a healer I think, who did something too early.

As I'm getting bitched at, I told them I'd work on my RNG skills and hit the buttons harder next time. The druid tank also decided to actually generate his own damn aggro too to cover for my clear incompetance. So that's fun.

What's hard though, is that while my errors (which I will fess up to) are being publicly stated over Vent, NOTHING is being said to try and diagnose why people keep 'randomly' dying.

And I can't for the life of me figure out why people don't stand in safe areas, why they can't seem to see the lava or listen to the calls on Vent, or why it seems to be ok to tank the stupid adds ON TOP of the healers.

I had to be the jerk on the 10m +2 attempts, and after seeing the same sequence of events where the add tank moved to a particular spot and promply died 3 times in a row ask 'Is there something we can do to figure out why this is happening and what we can do about it?' Are tanks and healers just above scrutiny? Is it assumed that they are doing 'the best they can' and if something goes wrong it's just bad luck?

I don't get it. I do have some raid experience as a healer on my resto druid alt, but no tank experience. So I don't know that side of things. Or is it just an oddity that I'm able to see my eff-ups and diagnose them?

I'm confused, but at least at this point my raid spot, while still not a Raider, is all but locked up, I'm the first Member invite. So there's that. Yay.

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