Friday, September 26, 2008

So, this is blogging...

Well, after stopping myself from hijacking the comments page of by far my favorite Hunter blog, Less QQ More Pewpew, I decided it was probably time to start my own blog. I had intended on waiting until Lich King actually comes out to start, but the current situation the Hunter class, and WoW in general, seems to be in got me motivated to do something.

A little about me, I play on Baelgun, having started playing in January. I started with a warrior on the free trial, got it to 20, went out and bought the box set, rolled Remua, a Draenei Hunter, and basically never looked back. I leveled him to 70 hardly touching any other classes while I did so, and geared him up following pre-kara guides so that I would be effective the first time I got into Kara.

I'm currently in a casual raiding guild. Honestly, I'd prefer something more structured, with attendance incentives, etc. But I enjoy the people in my guild, for the most part, and they put up with me which is also a bonus. I'm not the easiest to get along with, having little patience for immaturity and stupidity, so I rub people the wrong way from time to time.

This is getting boring, and honestly more of this will come out in time. I have a number of alts, all mostly levelled for professions, to be honest. I prefer to be as self-sufficient as possible, rather than having to rely on my guild for everything. My favorite alt is my Resto Druid, Adeana. Learning another facet of raiding has helped improve how I raid greatly.

I'm gonna wrap this one up, then put some real hunter content in another posting. Why? I want 2 posts, and that crap was boring, and is there if people want to read it, and easy to ignore if they don't.

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